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We Support XianLim

Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Manila / Philippines
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@itsmeNayumiKX (Nayumi Grace Flores) tweeted:

Thank you Direk We Support XianLim http://t.co/Sl0zpIRZEk

@vizhofwitch (ℂ) tweeted:

We Support XianLim. http://t.co/MeSdIW7bg0

@akosichinyl (제인 실) tweeted:

salamat sa mga taong nagpapakita ng support kay Xian!! maraming salamat!

@kjbarcelo (❤️x❤️k❤️) tweeted:

Parang bakla to si gov! Parang bakla na hindi na pag bigyan kaya ayan putak ng putak!! We Support XianLim

@AFlamer5299 (SHINee's Back) tweeted:

Yung winawasak wasak mo si Xian at idinamay pa magulang nya. You don't deserve our respect. We Support XianLim

@pinkforever2010 (IamWhoIam) tweeted:

I like her comment #fact

@ariachua_06 (Aria_06) tweeted:

tropapeeps pag the voice na dapat full power parin tayo sa pag tweet at baga malaglag sa trending.. We Support XianLim

@KasXy22 (sojellitsac zurc) tweeted:

@IamAPacifist @olach_dcruz walang bibitiw! Laban para kay Xian!

@beyutifool (Beyuuuh) tweeted:

Famewhores! Attention seekers! Hypocrites! Users! We Support XianLim

@JgreyKXHS (Jawee Tizon) tweeted:

We Support XianLim 14344

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