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Trend time: Wed Feb 26, 2020
Trend location: Birmingham / United Kingdom
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@nawniin (Stuart) tweeted:

RT @Number10cat: Some say we have a #PartTimePrimeMinister; at least you can be sure you have a #FullTimeFeline (Photo @PoliticalPics) htt…

@SmokinKones (smokinkones) tweeted:

RT @andykingston87: Just so we are all aware, @BorisJohnson isn't dead. He is alive and well, he just doesn't give a shit about running th…

@KateWilton1 (Kate Wilton) tweeted:

RT @JohnBooth2017: #PartTimePrimeMinister just as he was apparently a part-time husband, a part-time Mayor of London while attending to oth…

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