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Trend time: Wed Feb 26, 2020
Trend location: San Diego / United States
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@Garrett_Jones14 (Garrett Jones ) tweeted:

What fruit or vegetable do you think you could throw the farthest? #GusandEddy

@Nuckshock (Nuckshock) tweeted:

@eddyburback So I got bullied for double dipping my OWN FRIES IN MY OWN KETCHUP, I wasn't sharing it so I thought i… https://t.co/Tp9L03YoCx

@Kierren_Horne (Kierren Horne) tweeted:

@eddyburback @Gusbuckets If chairs were edible - which bits would be bony? And which would be fleshy? #gusandeddy

@zpardus (Shamisen Catfish) tweeted:

@eddyburback #gusandeddy is the milk in cereal a sauce or broth?

@madiwlch () tweeted:

#gusandeddy disagreement time: how are you supposed to tie your shoes? I say one bunny ear and loop the other lace… https://t.co/uj7HhcKc3f

@LGracielleAD (Perejila) tweeted:

Did you guys ever get into RWJ’s YourFavoriteMartian songs? I used to listen to them in Middle School and that obsc… https://t.co/SKiZWfR9xn

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@eddyburback #gusandeddy I don't have a disagreement but please acknowledge this picture of Willem Dafoe https://t.co/xKmlr3HZaq

@toppelc1031 (Cameron) tweeted:

@eddyburback When you’re taking a shower do you wash top to bottom or bottom to top #gusandeddy

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