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Trend time: Thu Feb 27, 2020
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@muthoni_njakwe (Muthoni Njakwe) tweeted:

The reason Jesus refused anyone he healed 2 become his disciple is because indebtedness is the worst kind of sycop… https://t.co/U7rgY6yGnF

@Mohmuigai (Lion Muigai) tweeted:

What was a China plane doing in JKIA? This Jubilee Government seem not to give a damn about anything. Why cant they… https://t.co/FrOA9CLw9r

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Oh God!! this is in fact criminal!! How could lives be endangered like this. Everyone on that plane should be trace… https://t.co/h7mSApn3DJ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I have no faith in the Kenyan Government to protect its Citizens! We the Kenyan's have the power to stop CoronaViru… https://t.co/Cb3nqwr9Tk

@MissCiku (Ciku Muiruri) tweeted:

Please ensure that those on board these effing flights from China attend the next BBI rally #coronaviruskenya #BBIInMeru

@OsumbaJM (Wuod Japuonj) tweeted:

To heap BURNING COAL on one's head isn't comedy. The govnt of Kenya should know that Israel, a top country in Res… https://t.co/NWPjPqrhQx

@JackFulmack (Jack Fúlmack) tweeted:

Kenyan students living in Wuhan cannot be allowed in the country because of risk of corona virus spreading, why the… https://t.co/1SnyuiF3bB

@teddyeugene (The African Voice) tweeted:

None of the 90 students & 9 acrobats from Kenya have contracted the deadly coronavirus. F.A CS Rachael Omamo says… https://t.co/ybYjKK9n

@robinnjogu (Robin Njogu) tweeted:

The flight that came in yesterday from China was safe, all passengers had been cleared of coronavirus ~ CS Raychell… https://t.co/pW8TZyyQos

@dailynation (Daily Nation) tweeted:

WHO has identified Kenya among 13 top priority countries that either have direct links or a high volume of travel t… https://t.co/wtTj39DBg7

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