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Trend time: Thu Feb 27, 2020
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@NeoLibMess (RAPTORS R THE CHAMPI) tweeted:

RT @loveshemarie: Just in case y’all wondering if @Need4LSpeed met @camrhamilton parents.... she did @LoveisBlindShow just didn’t put it on…

@kingston_jael (Kingston Jael) tweeted:

https://t.co/nKTT6p5e8G #Nomakeup #Sunday #loveisblindnetflix #loveisblind #netflix #netflixandchill #dating… https://t.co/PnxpULCIRy

@bonobochick (Miss D. ) tweeted:

IA with the general consensus that #LaurenandCameron are adorbs.

@bonobochick (Miss D. ) tweeted:

I like #LaurenandCameron together & separately. I really like Lauren. Her commentary is great, esp about being a Bl… https://t.co/5yazkk

@OnlyKeKee (Kєkє) tweeted:

Y'all made me so curious & NOW IM HOOKED ON #LoveIsBlind I got so much stuff to do & I can't stop watching

@SimoneFaure (Simone Faure) tweeted:

Just because I’m not invited to the wedding of @Need4LSpeed & @camrhamilton that won’t stop me from making their we… https://t.co/qQ2guL

@shann_o_hann (S. Chap ☤) tweeted:

I'm ready for the #LoveisBlindNetflix finale. Clearly I'm team #LaurenandCameron. He's just so darn sweet!

@bonobochick (Miss D. ) tweeted:


@truthfully24 (Tee) tweeted:

@Lola__Sweets Hanee and I out here wagering household chores in who we think will breakup first vs stay together #laurenandcameron #4eva

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@june_glow soooo cringeeeee but #laurenandcameron are my bbs

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