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Trend time: Thu Feb 27, 2020
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Mr President congratulations 4 inviting #coronaviruskenya it's such a simple way to kill citizens than the economy… https://t.co/z2C2yIybiY

@zionpearl (zionpearl) tweeted:

So you mean to tell me @bonifacemwangi is not going to carry coffins and bloody pigs to town over this coronavirus… https://t.co/fv591iawzf

@BreakingNewsKE (CapitalFM Breaking N) tweeted:

CS OMAMO says no need to worry over China flights to Kenya; WHO guidelines adhered to in yesterday's clearing at JK… https://t.co/speMlwNUgm

@dennoh88 (Dennis Mkenya Msumbu) tweeted:

Madere wa uber pia tukatae kubeba hawa watu bure kama wako na Corona then tutasambaza mbaya sana...Orezo anatuangus… https://t.co/ziFsQuJrvy

@winny_wanja (WINNY ☕) tweeted:

President Uhuru has a personal responsibility to visit & embrace all people in Kenya who contract Corona virus!… https://t.co/bvXhzjWiB2

@davido_BSc (Davido) tweeted:

Corona virus is being imported in the country at the watch of the incompetent government. They forget they will als… https://t.co/PNtNgCj1ev

@walterambenge (Walterz) tweeted:

RT @KitoiO: Kenyan students are stuck in China , the task force saying they can't be brought back because of risks of infection. Yet, a pl…

@BonifaceKinoti (Boniface Kinoti ) tweeted:

RT @PatrickAhinda: Kenyans should demand the resignation of The cabinet Secretary for health, before we all die of corona virus , she is th…

@MarkMakis (M.A.O) tweeted:

RT @dailynation: WHO has identified Kenya among 13 top priority countries that either have direct links or a high volume of travel to China…

@wa_kahugu (™️®️Ndung'u Wa Kahug) tweeted:

#coronaviruskenya @kipmurkomen @USAmbKenya @ledamalekina @TeamUhuru It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, a… https://t.co/d4X6XZDBvY

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