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@shawnevandeusen (ShawneVanDeusenJeffr) tweeted:

RT @tinashakour: Can you read the message? #twrwanda https://t.co/dObTO0Faae

@shawnevandeusen (ShawneVanDeusenJeffr) tweeted:

RT @ShadiNayy: Checking out the @WSH_Kigali a coworking space and incubator in #kigali and chatting with entrepreneurs and founders about t…

@shawnevandeusen (ShawneVanDeusenJeffr) tweeted:

RT @thinkmaya: What an amazing campus @cmuafrica ! Thank you for having us @techwomen over. Inspiring to see so many masters students speci…

@shawnevandeusen (ShawneVanDeusenJeffr) tweeted:

RT @thinkmaya: So great to see and hear @cmuafrica director Vijaykumar Bhagavatula talk about driving up the number of women at CMU Africa.…

@NaOmi_Audreyy (Naomi Dinamona) tweeted:

RT @katiezee4: Honored to be with impressive and inspiring @cmu_africa students for this afternoon’s #twrwanda program!

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