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Chicser EKAIN 2DaysToGo

Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Davao City / Philippines
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@OliBengBengINDO (Oliver Lance Posadas) tweeted:

Chicser w/ Jake Vargas! :) | CHICSER EKAIN 2DaysToGo ♥ http://t.co/tNVBChq9fS

@pajaymae_bngcrn (Pajay Mae) tweeted:

Official Hashtag: Chicser EKAIN 2DaysToGo

@XanderCristofer (Xander Cristofer (to) tweeted:

Go and Support @ranzkyle and @ChicserOfficial! Chicser EKAIN 2DaysToGo

@RanztersFTW (Ranz Kyle ) tweeted:

LETS TREND CHICSERIFICS kaya ba:)))) Chicser EKAIN 2DaysToGo

@OwyPHL (OwyPHL) tweeted:


@iamR2sarah (SARAH ) tweeted:

Chicser EKAIN 2DaysToGo

@Binyelito (Ranz Kyle) tweeted:

hindi man ako yung best fangirl mo, gagawin ko naman yung makakaya ko para mapakita na deserving ako na mapansin mo CHICSER EKAIN 2DaysToGo

@ () tweeted:

"Chicser EKAIN 2DaysToGo" shows up as trending topic world wide at rank 10

@iamR2sarah (SARAH ) tweeted:

miss ko na agad yung dalawang baliw

@itsmebiancszx (queenofyours ✨) tweeted:

RT @sarahchamcham: Chicser EKAIN 2DaysToGo

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