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We Support XianLim

Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Davao City / Philippines
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@harudhlee (DONGHAE IS BACK ) tweeted:

Basahin mo @jssalceda We Support XianLim http://t.co/iEFwvf1mRz"

@jaiii18 (ms∫) tweeted:

lalo tuloy akong napamahal sayo,wala ng bitawan. We Support XianLim

@maracruz54 (Mara Cruz) tweeted:

“@itsmeepakha: Kailangan kasi na sikat ang magpromote sa lugar nila para mlaki kita.. e di sana naging friendly sila We Support XianLim”

@GlodeneC (GlodeneCKXIG) tweeted:

We Support XianLim →

@HilwahJamelah78 ('FollowMeFollowYou') tweeted:

We Support XianLim grttt

@HilwahJamelah78 ('FollowMeFollowYou') tweeted:

We Support XianLim fssssd

@HilwahJamelah78 ('FollowMeFollowYou') tweeted:

We Support XianLim xzzxcc

@xianeva (my xijamie) tweeted:

Fight for the truth gals.. We support XianLim

@mona143nona (Shannity) tweeted:

With all humility, you asked for forgiveness when it was not your fault but the fact that someone got hurt/insulted kno! We Support XianLim

@lonaseair (TEAMPANATAG4EVER) tweeted:

"@mona143nona: pride because you are a dignified young man, you never stoop to their level. We Support XianLim"

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