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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Cebu City / Philippines
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@PepengMalufit (Pepeng Pinakamalupit) tweeted:

#AngSarapPatayin ng mga taong mahilig magpaFall!!

@DiazJoshx (Dallas Whitesides) tweeted:

#AngSarapPatayin flying ipis

@ () tweeted:

1. #AngSarapPatayin 2. #PagAko 3. #BoysVSGirls 4. #KrisJoyOnMagpakailanman 5. #Awtsu 2015/2/21 19:34 PHT #trndnl2015 http://t.co/dRwxiUtCOV

@itslaarnsky (Laarni Mei ت) tweeted:

#AngSarapPatayin ang lamok

@Jeeckkkk (JERICHO ORLINA) tweeted:

Bihis na bihis ka na tapos di pala tuloy. #AngSarapPatayin

@tinevillados (Christine) tweeted:

#AngSarapPatayin ng mga taong GGSS.Buti sana kung may itsura talaga e kaso wala.

@aldubupdates (ALDUB UPDATES) tweeted:

Love has nothing to do with looks, but everything to do with time, trust, interest and good communication. #AngSarapPatayin

@Jshbltrn_02 (E L Y S S A ▲) tweeted:

RT @akoposimarcelox: #AngSarapPatayin ng mga taong mahilig magpaFall!!

@s_stephamy (☮ stephuggh) tweeted:

person who exists when they need you #AngSarapPatayin

@Ctrisshy (Maria♔) tweeted:

Yung alamong iyo, tas pilit paden kinukuha ng iba. #AngSarapPatayin

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