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Chicser EKAIN 2DaysToGo

Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Cebu City / Philippines
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@LagunaRanzters (Ranz Kyle) tweeted:

RT @ms_richaraos: Retweet & Fav!

@simplecristine (Tin) tweeted:

RT @ChicserNE: HANDS DOWN TO THEM! :) Chicser EKAIN 2DaysToGo

@AdmiringRanz (Ranz Kyle) tweeted:

Tweet --> Chicser EKAIN 2DaysToGo

@Binyelito (Ranz Kyle) tweeted:

you're the smoke to my high CHICSER EKAIN 2DaysToGo

@ChicserQC_ (Official ChicserQC) tweeted:

RT Owynatics http://t.co/oV6ONiq4mY CHICSER EKAIN 2DaysToGo CHICSER EKAIN 2DaysToGo

@seoulomio (ภค๓เє) tweeted:

Retweet wag na fav.

@LagunaRanzters (Ranz Kyle) tweeted:

Oks Chicser EKAIN 2DaysToGo

@QuezonChicser (Ranz Kyle) tweeted:

Bat ang selosa ko pag dating kay Ranz. Di ko talaga mapigilan gustuhin ko man :( | Chicser EKAIN 2DaysToGo

@ohohbieber (Zeth*) tweeted:

Ge brb. Chicser EKAIN 2DaysToGo

@simplecristine (Tin) tweeted:

RT @LagunaRanzters: 22

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