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We Support XianLim

Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Cebu City / Philippines
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@TitserMel (melpounds) tweeted:

My kids wrote this last night upon watching the news @XianLimm they really love you. We Support XianLim http://t.co/Nev8S1M56x

@hellojilly (Jill) tweeted:

My 2 cents. It's long (sorry lol) and obviously pro Xian @XianLimm :) We Support XianLim http://t.co/YLlO7DbBWz

@angelinaleonor8 (AngelinaLeonor) tweeted:

Atty Carol said binastos sya ni Xian kaya pala all smiles sya while talking to Xian. We Support XianLim http://t.co/6OmbKPc8GU

@Pacoquita5 (Pacoquita) tweeted:

Senate next year kamo? What a way to start his year (Chinese & otherwise). Refocus, pls. We Support XianLim.

@IamJaniineKaye (J A J A) tweeted:

Enchong Dee is performing right now. Pogi talaga siya pero malakas pa din talaga effect sakin ni bebe Xi ko | We Support XianLim

@dolores16423471 (dolores) tweeted:

We Support XianLim ❤️

@armiemidz (armie/midz) tweeted:

We Support XianLim

@Lhinalicious22 (pussycat_couple) tweeted:

"@trendinaliaPI: More trends at http://t.co/jGRtNHz1A8 #trndnl http://t.co/onO1hHOXcz" Still trending We Support XianLim

@GlodeneC (GlodeneCKXIG) tweeted:

We Support XianLim xc

@HilwahJamelah78 ('FollowMeFollowYou') tweeted:

We Support XianLim vcfdff

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