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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Diet #WordsThatShouldBeCancelled https://t.co/J4WRSHEE5r

@chaconkie (Jerry 'Exotic' Chaco) tweeted:

#WordsThatShouldBeCancelled Fleek

@livewbeth (Bethiecrocker) tweeted:

Worldwide Pandemic. Pandemic already means worldwide. #WordsThatShouldBeCancelled

@SpazzyKK (KK Garrett ) tweeted:

#WordsThatShouldBeCancelled Childish nicknames for political parties, like *libtard*or *repuglican*. If you're old… https://t.co/zuxbxI3Wbd

@gigirules7 (Regina Spacola) tweeted:

#WordsThatShouldBeCancelled Fag...unless you're British and are asking for a cigarette. https://t.co/YMmqIbBbWe

@kitawny24 () tweeted:

#WordsThatShouldBeCancelled Boomer. https://t.co/8VLWgIZBUZ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#WordsThatShouldBeCancelled Heinous.

@LibsNoFun (laugh@libs) tweeted:

Naked Madonna #WordsThatShouldBeCancelled https://t.co/q44mL9jX78

@JohnNicholRAF (John Nichol) tweeted:

#WordsThatShouldBeCancelled This is fun! I completely accept these are #FirstWorldProblems, but in the current cris… https://t.co/Qd6io8iheP

@robwalton30 (Baron Von Douche) tweeted:

#WordsThatShouldBeCancelled If you don’t think words matter, try calling a woman’s stomach a belly.

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