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Trend time: Wed Mar 25, 2020
Trend location: Santo Domingo / Dominican Republic
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

AL Montalvo y Jackson en Mecos 2 "Mexican cumwhores" disponible en descarga. info por whatsapp 55 2319 1984 https://t.co/5QaC0cx6gy

@BTS_twt (방탄소년단) tweeted:

난 이노래가 좋더라 https://t.co/AOy4ZWzSeF

@BTS_twt (방탄소년단) tweeted:

walk!walk! peakboy https://t.co/Sr3WQdVp8d

@BTS_twt (방탄소년단) tweeted:

ON 석지니 https://t.co/MjCdfSyxRr

@RodrigMarchena (Rodríguez-Marchena) tweeted:

Presentes en la reunión de hoy al mediodía encabezada por el presidente Danilo Medina, los ministros Gustavo Montal… https://t.co/cGZtnVthcV

@larissaarias1 (larissa arias) tweeted:

Gustavo Montalvo, que hombre que no transmite nada, ni luz, ni paz ni nada en absoluto es más parece como salido de… https://t.co/QNd1SdS4Z0

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

so many girls think they're "bad bitch" like no you're just rude sit down

@m3aruf (Mohammed Zakaria) tweeted:

*me in 10 years* cashier: sir your bill is $20.20 me: https://t.co/lSmDIrl7Xl

@BonniChics () tweeted:

Confirmen si la personalidad se come al físico.

@karla_oxx (Mulatica) tweeted:

as soon as this quarantine thing is over: https://t.co/zBcY0HMZBd

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