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Trend time: Wed Mar 25, 2020
Trend location: Belfast / United Kingdom
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@Thewie72 (Helen Oxlade) tweeted:

From ASLI board: At 4pm today until 5pm, let’s call British Government for more BSL interpreters on TV announcement… https://t.co/R5HgbIFt8e

@Ant_Writer (Ant) tweeted:

From the ASLI board: Hello all, At 4pm today we will be sending the British Government a call to action to provide… https://t.co/ilLaGbOUzY

@TriggClare (Clare Trigg) tweeted:

@10DowningStreet Here's an example of why you need a sign language interpreter for your #COVID19 announcements, to… https://t.co/fsowzgQscg

@ASLIuk (ASLI) tweeted:

Call for Action #WhereIsTheInterpreter? #WhereIsTheInterpreter #Coronavirus #Stayathome #Deaf #BSL users need acces… https://t.co/0Q0zD8wtH2

@blackadderjill (Jill Blackadder) tweeted:

@GOVUK you have a duty to make sure ALL UK CITIZENS know what to do! #Deaf #BSL users have a right to know what you… https://t.co/7Vms1F1CKp

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

NO member of our society should be denied access to what is happening with Covid-19. Subtitles are not enough & liv… https://t.co/Kw67dX

@sharanthind (Sharan Thind) tweeted:

. @mycleartext always making sure access is provided. Maybe @BorisJohnson could take a leaf out of your book.… https://t.co/ssrraiJJBU

@NickPalfreyman (Nick Palfreyman) tweeted:

Deaf people need BSL interpreters at all live announcements from the UK government! It is our human right to have a… https://t.co/fFVWs9yKiW

@paula_garfield (Paula Garfield) tweeted:

#whereIsTheinterpreter? Deaf community are missing out most important news of this Century because there’s no acces… https://t.co/YdAXaUeiM4

@Aine_Jackson (Áine Ní Siacais) tweeted:

Thank you to professionals, orgs, charities stepping up free of charge to give access to this vital info.… https://t.co/RR9IpHKhAl

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