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Trend time: Wed Mar 25, 2020
Trend location: Sheffield / United Kingdom
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@EllaMinty (Ella Minty) tweeted:

@Hayley_Mace That’s the positive side of this crisis we’re going through, isn’t it? A time with your loved ones tha… https://t.co/tpP4dRSFGs

@MissTumii_ (Lotus Flower ) tweeted:

RT @EllaMinty: We’ve often been told to “leave” work at the door of our house, never bring it at the dinner table. Today, “work” is at home…

@EllaMinty (Ella Minty) tweeted:

RT @PollyCziok: @EllaMinty If I’m honest, I’m really struggling with this one. My usual MO is to power through on optimism, and I’m feeling…

@beeandie (Andrea Breau) tweeted:

@finolaineurope @donnajordan1 @EllaMinty I went to my local shop about 6pm and it was surreally quiet for mid-week… https://t.co/ycsJeHaQVm

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