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Trend time: Wed Mar 25, 2020
Trend location: Winnipeg / Canada
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@JanetWagner21 (Janet Wagner) tweeted:

Proud to say I have never set foot inside a Giant Tiger store and now I never will. #BoycottGiantTiger #CPCisdead… https://t.co/HvvthAbbOr

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

The real virus is #Conservatism. @CPC_HQ @ScottReid #BoycottGiantTiger #CdnPoli

@spiritofanu (Noreen Colbert) tweeted:

@ScottReidCPC Canadians will not forget this come election time. Your treasonous tactics have gone too far. The CPC… https://t.co/JDgBMWDhMU

@DinoRancho ((Fake) Pastor Dino D) tweeted:

@CanadaOooh @patriciaannmcd2 @ScottReidCPC But not for long. #BoycottGiantTiger

@gmarie55 (gmarie ) tweeted:

@ScottReidCPC Call an election asshole, I double dare you.. CONs are going to be wiped out.. Oh & BTW… https://t.co/8psdB2eWAt

@trishkatree (Cathy) tweeted:

@ScottReidCPC You are full of it, you have damaged your reputation, your business #BoycottGiantTiger, and your party, nice work.

@smittycanada1 (Sandra Smith) tweeted:

@ruthmkb And we will #BoycottGiantTiger in response.

@realtorcansing (Singing Realtor Cana) tweeted:

#BoycottGiantTiger Not that I shopped there often, but this is a great reason ro REALLY not shop there. Another wh… https://t.co/zwXZH8Pf8y

@magentamermaid (jannah le.) tweeted:

they're building a 2nd location in north bay; as if we needed more proof this place is a hole. #BoycottGiantTiger https://t.co/rZUVHgkONN

@gmageezer (Gail Mageean) tweeted:

RT @MOhlhoff: I mean, with Scott Reid doing the dirty today, I feel like it's time to get a nice big #BoycottGiantTiger going. And if you…

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