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Trend time: Wed Mar 25, 2020
Trend location: Winnipeg / Canada
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@BrentButt (Brent Butt) tweeted:

Thanks @stevenpage for nominating me to help #SpreadTheWordNotTheVirus #PlanktheCurve. Here’s my message and I nom… https://t.co/SAJEcWNlZu

@bradysdrugstore (Brady's Drug Store) tweeted:

Tom Hanks happens to be 6 feet tall, so we're asking people to stay 'one Tom Hanks' away from each other in the pha… https://t.co/XRYV6l1rPZ

@ludi_lin (LudiLin) tweeted:

Distancing makes the heart grow fonder. #隔离就是力量 #StayAtHomeSavesLives #PlankTheCurve #FlattenTheCurve… https://t.co/UZCLQ2Mkxx

@RightToPlayCAN (Right To Play Canada) tweeted:

The #PowerofPlay can be experienced anywhere! Children's imagination &ingenuity aren't limited by their surrounding… https://t.co/B4Rmw2

@CPHO_Canada (Dr. Theresa Tam) tweeted:

#Everybody - we must #PlanktheCurve for

@HfxStanfield (Halifax Stanfield) tweeted:

Shout out to the provincial inspectors from @ns_environment who are reminding people arriving at #HfxStanfield to s… https://t.co/m7TCWluE2B

@ACTRAnat (ACTRA National) tweeted:

Attention members – please keep an eye on our #COVID19 page with new items being added frequently. Just added are S… https://t.co/H7o4tx8IAT

@MackenzieHealth (Mackenzie Health) tweeted:

Our Mackenzie Health family is here for you! The health, safety and well being of our community is our top priority… https://t.co/18p2vW7tCM

@SuperCdn (J. Pickles ) tweeted:

@dirk_diggler007 @LaBoucherville @JustinTrudeau No Dick Diggler, asshat bots like you are the real and present dang… https://t.co/ZgreuiEEYx

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @CPHO_Canada: #Everybody - we must #PlanktheCurve for

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