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Trend time: Wed Mar 25, 2020
Trend location: Calgary / Canada
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@dchif (Ube ) tweeted:

To those of you who love watching apocalyptic movies, how do you feel being part of one now?

@dr_wasfy (د.وصفي عاشور أبو زيد) tweeted:

أطلب من كل من يرى هذا المنشور أن يدعو لأخينا العزيز د. أكرم كساب بعاجل الشفاء، كشف الله عنه ولطف به ومنّ عليه بعاجل… https://t.co/BaR3Vifj7w

@elEconomistaes (elEconomista.es) tweeted:

@Ilconservator (IL C O N S E R V A T) tweeted:

Intanto l'esercito russo arriva a Bergamo sembra un film di fantascienza, l'unica realtà è che l'Unione… https://t.co/eV6OJUfYVH

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Mascarillas solidarias que confeccionamos en Okupa Casa Cádiz para los hospitales públicos de Barcelona. Hoy entreg… https://t.co/WlgZxKb1PR

@Apndp (Antonello Piroso) tweeted:

#CarloDInghilterra #PrincipeCarlo #Carlo è positivo al #coronavirus #Covid2019 'azz: tutta una vita ad aspettare l… https://t.co/w1J9TLCAL9

@DelhiPYC (Delhi Youth Congress) tweeted:

We applaud every health workers and staff members who have been risking their own lives to safeguard ours. The nat… https://t.co/3i4KTkP4AP

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#VenezuelaCombateAlCovid19 #COVID2019 @Melis152974311 @DannaBonita5 ঔ⛅@Reinabe10110932 @Arraiz251 ঔ⛅@YuniBurgos… https://t.co/cYv8f6OLvp

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@jairbolsonaro Jair, o Napoleão de Hospício da História do Brasil #BolsonaroGenocida #AcabouBolsonaro… https://t.co/Rmw6c2NPNY

@BrianWoodMC (Brian Wood MC) tweeted:

NHS Nightingale. If you haven’t been taken #COVID2019 seriously then watch this video. Stay home, protect the NHS,… https://t.co/afPwIe4c10

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