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Trend time: Wed Mar 25, 2020
Trend location: Calgary / Canada
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@scoalegil (Scott Gillard) tweeted:

#PlanktheCurve https://t.co/kQQkXbRENk

@OsricChau (Osric) tweeted:

Thanks @ludilin Hi @JustinTrudeau Churchill alum here

@Carolyn_Bennett (Carolyn Bennett) tweeted:

.@GovCanHealth has been hard at work helping Cdns get the impt info they need to help #plankthecurve. Check out the… https://t.co/xJFV0FvIXW

@cowboy_bob (Paul McKie) tweeted:

Even in a pandemic there is no shortage of a$$holes and right-wing bots. #FlattenTheCurve #PlanktheCurve #canada… https://t.co/3Z8PgncfMt

@Leif_Life_Laugh (Leif ➡️Physical Dist) tweeted:

RT @CPHO_Canada: #Everybody - we must #PlanktheCurve for

@ginalilycooper (GinaLily #PlankTheCu) tweeted:

@Krystal42503763 @CPHO_Canada @DrBonnieHenry @CDCofBC I’ve read every report for 3 wks. @DrBonnieHenry: 20yrs in di… https://t.co/zumEaj34Z7

@MmeMcG (Christine McG) tweeted:

RT @scoalegil: #PlanktheCurve https://t.co/kQQkXbRENk

@WendolaPM (Wendy Rocío Pérez) tweeted:

I love that the cat is also wearing a mask ❤️ #CantBeTooSafe #PlanktheCurve https://t.co/kFIa7MYPFE

@C_S_Harper (Christopher Harper) tweeted:

RT @CPHO_Canada: Over 125,000 people tested to date at prov + nat’l public health labs across

@muzamil1504 (MuzammiL) tweeted:

RT @CPHO_Canada: #Everybody - we must #PlanktheCurve for

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