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Trend time: Wed Mar 25, 2020
Trend location: Vancouver / Canada
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@SergioEES (Sergio-EL) tweeted:

#WonderWoman #BvS4Years #BatmanvSuperman https://t.co/qWk0hLCXJ4

@fiiihaaa (Fi) tweeted:

@getFANDOM A fucking masterpiece.. so relevent to this day

@b_i_ngio (Gio) tweeted:

RT @screenrant: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrived in theaters four years ago today, but it's still debated as hotly as ever, provi…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @BobDigi69: 4 years ago a comic book movie in every sense of the word came out. WE WANT MORE @WBHomeEnt @wbpictures #BvS4Years #rele…

@kryptoncaged (Krypton Caged ™ #Rel) tweeted:

@ArturoM614 (Mav) tweeted:

RT @JoeGetsNoHoes: a movie that helped me through so much. a movie that helped guide myself to a much happier place. a complete joy from st…

@rreoffenderr (Ira ) tweeted:

RT @sergioees: #WonderWoman #BvS4Years #BatmanvSuperman https://t.co/qWk0hLCXJ4

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @dccomicsarchive: Happy 4 year anniversary to this masterpiece. #BvS4Years https://t.co/Xy5zYScX01

@BrianPBrewster (BTAS-Reunion) tweeted:

RT @smcolbert: The Watchmen trailer this is based on is one of my all-time favorite trailers. Go figure this one is pretty great, too. #BvS…

@batmaniano () tweeted:

No one gave us better shots of Batman than @ZackSnyder #BvS4Years #ReleaseTheSnyderCut https://t.co/KGahU1cswj

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