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@MalcolmWHW (Malcolm Freberg) tweeted:

Y’all. Didn’t. Listen. #Survivor40

@russellhantz (Russell Hantz) tweeted:

Are you ready for some @survivorcbs #Survivor40

@ShannonGaitz (Shannon Guss (Gaitz)) tweeted:

Why would Sandra sit on EoE with 0 chance of re-entering the game, looking at her competition of some of the best p… https://t.co/RpEEznxUHc

@jessicalewis89 (Jessica Lewis) tweeted:

Michele. #Survivor40 https://t.co/QxoOdoUS1a

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

We are living in the darkest timeline. Yul is the classiest man to ever play this game and he will forever have my… https://t.co/sa2WPhXZKx

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

People be hating EOE when this season started, and now all they want is EOE to have more airtime lol #Survivor40

@itsmeveronica_v (Veronica Valencia @ ) tweeted:

That episode of #Survivor40 was truly disappointing! I’m heartbroken and dumb moves were made! Karma y’all! #SurvivorWinnersAtWar

@JBAwardsCircuit (Joseph Braverman) tweeted:

Voting off Yul was a *GREAT* move for Michele and a bad move for Nick. At this rate, Nick just looks like a lackey… https://t.co/pDOLM6pu8G

@MaybeOvaltine (Bae Joohyun's Foot S) tweeted:

I like Michele and I think winning this will really do a lot for her because people made her feel like she didnt de… https://t.co/UMG5LBbQ0f

@kylieee3 (kylie) tweeted:

i didn’t know it needed to be stated but i um, and not down for a season of new school players kicking out all my f… https://t.co/zjJ7J8pFtc

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