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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#TigerKingNetflix #QuarantineLife #ChineseVirus #Survivor40 #WWENXT #COVID2019 #Covid19Out #Lockdown21 #COVID19… https://t.co/uGv9ANwJD3

@GoVeganWorld (Earthlings) tweeted:

Coronavirus said this is for you, to the 150 billion animals & trillions of sea life killed each n every year by hu… https://t.co/IDMFxS

@rev_ellis (Rev. W. H. Ellis) tweeted:

In the skies over n #Texas today the trigram a sign of DEATH tells a grim story for those who reject… https://t.co/ZhpooRtKk5

@Rick0424 (Ricky Mundorff) tweeted:

#SurvivorWinnersAtWar Wow

@josefco27 (José Madrid) tweeted:

#Survivor Michelle and Nick working together... I love that #Survivor40

@ronaldlnzns (Ronald L) tweeted:

Bittersweet episode once again #Survivor40

@TheGussReport (Daniel Guss) tweeted:

.@yul_kwon you still are one of the few to ever play a near-perfect season, and you also did great in this one. Sti… https://t.co/YqBhurAKJW

@LEVYtation (Levy Alex Cabatingan) tweeted:

Now that everyone we want to watch is on the EOE, can we get more screen time on the Edge? #Survivor40

@GenessaOchoa () tweeted:

@survivorcbs this has to be the worst season I’ve ever watched in all of 20 years of watching survivor

@josefco27 (José Madrid) tweeted:

#Survivor40 The "battle back" of EOE should have been before merge...

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