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@KnivesNneedleS (Belphegor ⌐╦╦═─) tweeted:

@McDonalds You wash your hands MCD Employees if youre gonna stay open, serving out the drive Thur window using your… https://t.co/mFP0uBdrxa

@lesli140 (lesli140) tweeted:

Jeff Probst after the end of a challenge: “Alright guys, you can head off...” My 3yr.old: “WHAT?!!! Whose head… https://t.co/sgiNvVLBIH

@hashtagtega (Tega.) tweeted:

Sandra really told "Edge Of Extinction" #Survivor40 #Survivor https://t.co/2WtizH3O6V

@MaybeOvaltine (Oso) tweeted:

Yul getting voted out basically torpedoed Sophie's alliance with Wendell and Nick though because she seems much closer to Yul. #Survivor40

@josefco27 (José Madrid) tweeted:

#Survivor40 Yul had to go, even if i dislike Wendell. I want Michelle to win, and Yul was not going to work with her post merge...

@evapors (Eric Stevenson) tweeted:

How to Quarantine Stay Home Challenge #ISTAYHOMEFOR

@JBAwardsCircuit (Joseph Braverman) tweeted:

I was very close to predicting Michele as my preseason pick to win, but then they announced the $2 million twist an… https://t.co/fn8FaCLi2r

@redpoca (Elle ) tweeted:

@Beckylooo Wendell always had sass. I don’t think he’s being a dick. He lost a challenge for not calling Jeff’s nam… https://t.co/WPJ40kSPNK

@kristiheadley (Kristi) tweeted:

@survivorcbs currently has the best players on EOE, IMO. I hope they can figure out how to bring more than 1 player… https://t.co/tVl5uvdyAR

@zshust9 (Zevan Shuster) tweeted:

RT @ShannonGaitz: Why would Sandra sit on EoE with 0 chance of re-entering the game, looking at her competition of some of the best physica…

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