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@Melissa_Angell (Melissa Angell) tweeted:

RT @ShannonGaitz: Why would Sandra sit on EoE with 0 chance of re-entering the game, looking at her competition of some of the best physica…

@californiowa (chaz) tweeted:

Michelle WYD??? #Survivor40

@MackenziCoan (A Girl Has No Userna) tweeted:

One thing I know for sure is Adam and Ben are the greatest comedic duo of the series. I can watch them all day

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Me wanting the best for @meeshfitz each episode of #Survivor40. https://t.co/c1dKeD71bC

@MissKnox (Kyra Knox) tweeted:

Im still yelling at my TV. YUL!! #Survivor40 https://t.co/8yNz1u6zjy

@murtzjaffer (Murtz Jaffer) tweeted:

@BostonRob is the greatest of all time. Fire token king #Survivor40

@jason247 (Jason Peck) tweeted:

All these fire tokens better result in something awesome later in the game. #Survivor40 #Survivor

@PeterOFallon1 (Peter O'Fallon) tweeted:

##Survivor40 Donald are I just wanted to tell you… That there’s a really big… Some people saw it coming… Pandemic…… https://t.co/Bxi4sVozKq

@redpoca (Elle ) tweeted:

RT @Loras21: People be hating EOE when this season started, and now all they want is EOE to have more airtime lol #Survivor40

@PSavage96 (Paul Savage) tweeted:

Night 4 without sports ... thankful for Survivor Wednesday’s #Survivor40 Halfway to the next Marbula One race!!! https://t.co/Qn1NONTbGZ

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