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Trend time: Thu Mar 26, 2020
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@rossburton (Ross Burton) tweeted:

To your good health seems like an appropriate toast tonight. Tasty! #beerbods https://t.co/LMN17U3BEF

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Cold Spark is one of my favourites when I walk up to the @bigsmoke_taproom during the summer and also down… https://t.co/c1ZoZTFdta

@SimonJohnFish (Simon Fish) tweeted:

Light up the barbecue #BeerBods

@ChrisJBroad (Broadside ) tweeted:

Had a few offerings from @bigsmokebrew over the years and this lactose pale has a smashing citra bite that belies t… https://t.co/RS3ZDjOSiP

@DJTReal7 (David Taylor) tweeted:

Perfect post-NHS applause this little beauty @bigsmokebrew Cold Spark is bigger on flavour than expected for the AB… https://t.co/D5mpmaz21c

@CliveBGS (Clive Mitchell) tweeted:

Cold Spark gets a massive 10/10 from me! #BeerBods

@paulwdiggory (Paul Diggory) tweeted:

@rm128 @BeerBods What a great neighbour you are Rob! Proper spirit #BeerBods

@SFC_J0N (Jon) tweeted:

Our lineup for tonight! #beerbods https://t.co/1wjiI6gQP7

@phillconnell (Phill Connell) tweeted:

#Beerbods contributing to overstimulation tonight. Editing, YouTube and a very fine beer by @bigsmokebrew - who sai… https://t.co/AzQFevd8Hd

@BeerBods (BeerBods) tweeted:

#TheBeerBodsArms is open to all, what other beers are you drinking tonight? We're keen to hear your recommendations too #BeerBods

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