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Trend time: Thu Mar 26, 2020
Trend location: United Kingdom / United Kingdom
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@rayjwright (Raymondo) tweeted:

Just been out my front garden clapping and pretty much the entire street was out. Made me feel pretty emotional. We… https://t.co/KbRlHEAuTZ

@ExeterCityLFC (Exeter City Ladies) tweeted:

Thank you to the unbelievable #NHS also a huge #ThannkYou to everyone else who is working through this extremely di… https://t.co/1Ath2DYsRv

@Joel_Denyer (Joel Denyer) tweeted:

Wow spine tingling! Everyone out in the street clapping for the NHS. Things like that just make me think... maybe e… https://t.co/DXQQcbzJdD

@HillF1 (Damon Hill) tweeted:

@Graham_Furnell (Graham Furnell) tweeted:

After going out at 8pm & seeing all my neighbours outside showing there appreciation to the wonderful @NHS has gone… https://t.co/bkhGjn

@Shenanigen (Shannon Moran) tweeted:

Oh my God I was just moved to tears as at 8 o’clock every night everyone is going out on their balcony to cheer for… https://t.co/YxHCkAIa55

@Jadey__O (Jade) tweeted:

#clapforNHS ..very emotional! So amazing how sooo many people took part.. this Is why we are called #GreatBritain… https://t.co/c0dxvhOQUY

@carlmartin88 (CARL MARTIN) tweeted:

@KarlTheJarl1 @NHS Lovely to see...#GreatBritain at its very finest...

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Thanks NHS, police and key workers! #SaluteNHS #SalutePolice #GreatBritain # #DefeatCoronavirus https://t.co/P8brJ99HHX

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