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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Cagayan de Oro / Philippines
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#PagAko naging pulis, ikukulong kita, sa puso ko.

@PepengMalufit (Pepeng Pinakamalupit) tweeted:

#PagAko sumexy Who You ka sakin?!

@LovelyOxFord (Lovely McQueen) tweeted:

I will never give up , I'll just wait until my heart says its enough. #PagAko

@LovelyOxFord (Lovely McQueen) tweeted:

Its better to give up on everything than to see yourself waiting and expecting for nothing. #PagAko

@Pemology (Big Boss) tweeted:

#PagAko Nakilala mo, you'll always smile like there's no tmr

@JuvieBuenconsjo (Juvs) tweeted:

#PagAko Gumanda who you kayo sakin

@BeLalaine (Rabids) tweeted:

#PagAko lumakas na sa Coc wala kakatuwa lang! Haha

@angelicachanm (Angelica Chan) tweeted:

RT @emmankunn: #PagAko tumahimik, means galit ako.

@nethgrc (bumbum) tweeted:

#PagAko natutong lumaban, humanda ka!

@Jannexium (Jannessa Cupcupin) tweeted:

RT @GeraldinCuenca: #PagAko nagka boyfriend, I'll make sure he'll be my only 1. ;)

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