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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Cagayan de Oro / Philippines
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@ranzkyle (Ranz Kyle) tweeted:

RK New Video #BoysVSGirls | 1!

@pcyownsme_ (Tri ) tweeted:

RT RT! @ranzkyle Hugot na hugot mga sagot ni Ranz - http://t.co/RNEUwa8cYn :) RK New Video #BoysVSGirls

@Aiinot (Aii Hasnhye Hatta) tweeted:

Watch "Ex ko ang idol niyo" Feb 23-27, 9PM #ChicserOnWattpadPresents #ExKoAngIdolNyoTV5 RK New Video #BoysVSGirls http://t.co/WCEJKPZDeG

@fitrievidente (Harris J) tweeted:

@ranzkyle Watch Now! RK New Video #BoysVSGirls here's the LINK: http://t.co/cl6CWMGZyE Share and Spread!!!

@Evaa_ongsee (Evaaaaa) tweeted:

@ranzkyle @AAMarvelous girls again omg hahaha RK New Video #BoysVSGirls http://t.co/VjjZpff5zP

@garciacyrene (✨) tweeted:

"@JomarDLRS: Sino madalas manloko? #BoysVSGirls" depende

@07janzkie (Jan Marie Sellado) tweeted:

RT @ranzkyle: #BoysVSGirls Sino naman ang mas nasasaktan? :o https://t.co/rlY78PxYhu

@immarybenitez (IG: immarybenitez) tweeted:

RT @ranzkyle: RK New Video #BoysVSGirls | Video link next tweet! ;)

@ysabel_zaira (Oliver ❤) tweeted:

RT @ranzkyle: RK New Video #BoysVSGirls Hope you guys enjoyed my new video! give it a thumbs up and share! https://t.co/rlY78PxYhu

@RanzErnna22 (Hannah) tweeted:

@ranzkyle #BoysVSGirls Sino ang mas Loyal? RT RT RT ... Watch It https://t.co/LT13xiX0Z9 RK New Video =) http://t.co/OA5Z80XdLH

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