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We Support XianLim

Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Cagayan de Oro / Philippines
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@GenedithMagno21 (MyOneGenedith) tweeted:

Pulling someone down will never help you reach the TOP! Tandaan mo yan Gov! We Support XianLim

@candiceeeKX (TeamLimUy♡) tweeted:

kinda late here,just heard d news but I always do include u in my prayers & been supporting u silently xi~ | We Support XianLim @xianlim

@candiceeeKX (TeamLimUy♡) tweeted:

Though often misunderstood & misinterpreted, he has remained humble to the core. He's a good,decent & well raised man. | We Support

@candiceeeKX (TeamLimUy♡) tweeted:

I may be just a fan & have not met him yet but I at least have known him for yrs. Never doubted him for even a single sec|We Support Xia

@maria_07_12_89 (Kontrabida) tweeted:

guys, screenshot is the best policy nowadays...dont forget... We Support XianLim We Support XianLim

@DokieNimfs (dokienimfs) tweeted:

We Support XianLim He is caring, honest, talented star, w/excellent work ethic He's the complete antithesis of his Albay critics.

@MommyTitser (Titser) tweeted:

“@iamyours077: Basketball We Support XianLim http://t.co/ENtROXUSQe” @mesummerblue

@Tesisant (Tessie) tweeted:

We Support XianLim We Support XianLim mukha mo gov ASSHOLE MOTHERFUCKER ka Carol

@trxtlnt (trix) tweeted:

Shan, Albay lang yan. HAHAHAHAH! Mag tour ka nalang sa US. <3 :3 https://t.co/J2auDN6OJz We Support XianLim

@PinkSalasar (lourdes salasar) tweeted:

hello gov gus2 mo tulangan kita mag pa trend ng ht mo?bwahahahaha We Support XianLim

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