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Welcome to my wonderland❤️ #BBMAsTopSociaI BTS @BTS_twt https://t.co/u0kBG8Mjjq

we appreciate the writers/everyone that’s worked on Game Of Thrones over the past 8 years and all the small details… https://t.co/Ois8wKnwwm

At first, I'm afraid that Dany will be like his father. But this time, idgaf anymore. BURN THEM ALL KHALEESI!!! BUR… https://t.co/VyjWoyi1sR

José Mourinho on Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona: "This is not about tactics, this is not about philosophy. This is about h… https://t.co/RSDppsjR1U

Liverpool v Spurs final Possible Chelsea v Arsenal Europa League final City are gonna win the league This is what i… https://t.co/nGNqxVu13V

I want to crawl into a hole and cry bc Portugal didn't qualify #Eurovision https://t.co/5ct4ITe2ii

RT @OTVLebanon: هذه محادثات #الواتساب المسربة بين #جنبلاط و #الحريري @walidjoumblatt @saadhariri @rawad_daher @iyadkhleif #بالمباشر htt…

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