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Alfre Woodard's "Oscar's Sistahs Soiree" at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, on February 18, 2015 http://t.co/R4HdqtZWMc

#SpiritAwards Winner: Best First Screenplay - #DearWhitePeople by Justin Simien

Dapper dandy... RT @tmagazine: That tux, though, David Oyelowo #Oscars2015 http://t.co/f5NYJmYHCO

When is Morgan going to come through finally, after all that teasing? #TheWalkingDead

RT @SonofBaldwin: Finally. The walking gays! #TheWalkingDead

So much weight carried in that singular moment, in light of all that's plagued this year's #Oscars and the industry over all #Glory #Oscars

RT @blackfilm: So far from Common / John Legend to Lady Gaga/ Julie Andrews are the best minutes of #Oscars.

Wesley Snipes Heading to TV for NBC's 'Endgame' + Did You Know He Almost Played Lucious Lyon? http://t.co/PFcR9DZB1H http://t.co/Q3BNz0KXoL

Strand Takes USA Rights to César Award Nominee 'May Allah Bless France' for Fall Run (Trailer) http://t.co/bkiy47UtUg http://t.co/XFepOnQ5in

Strand Takes USA Rights to César Award Nominee 'May Allah Bless France.' Watch Trailer http://t.co/s61LOaRUhi http://t.co/s77eSB5jqE

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