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We sent @FaZe_Rain & @bananafone34 on a top secret mission to BLOW SH!T UP Follow us on SNAPCHAT to see: GFuelEnergy http://t.co/7GdjMj

Want a chance to be the GFUEL #TBT pic of the day? Send us your St. Patrick's Day "GREEN" GFUEL pics!

#MCM CoD Champs Edition! The Guys of @Team_Kaliber! #GFUELingChamps http://t.co/1qjaKCXoPq http://t.co/mY1wlaK2eb

Watch as @FaZeClan face off against @RevengeGamingHQ in a Gamma vs. Gamma Winner's Bracket showdown! #CoDChampsLIVE http://t.co/3vvmXuAKFl

With GFUEL in the booth, how can @RevengeGamingHQ lose? #Revenge #CoDChampsLIVE http://t.co/1qjaKDf0e0 http://t.co/5pV7brnCWE

Congrats @RevengeGamingHQ, @sBusinessGaming & @Team_Kaliber on winning their first round match ups! #CoDChampsLIVE http://t.co/4uWRYqNzW

Best of luck to the Captain Price @FaZe_Aches today! #FaZeUp #CoDChampsLIVE http://t.co/JTUX9XBP1Q

Get focused today, you're going to need it! Stay Safe #AprilFools http://t.co/1qjaKDf0e0

Should we giveaway a few 100% off GFUEL promo codes to celebrate #AprilFools?? http://t.co/1qjaKDf0e0

Easter Energy Bundle! $50.00 Bundle + FREE Shipping with code "EASTER" Only on http://t.co/1qjaKCXoPq http://t.co/Q65eqcEWs4

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