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RT @whiteshirtcth: kanye's speech is so worth watching and is possibly the best speech i've heard http://t.co/qtogtMKh0t

Ireland are playing well ✔️

RT @RapHubUS: Kobe

RT @Deadspin: Jarvis Landry submits entry for catch of the year: https://t.co/UPSLySKJV3 https://t.co/ItFh0lXpIm

@kendricklamar see you at #Longitude2016 x

RT @FM104: #Longitude2016 acts announced! - https://t.co/fLev3Iksv4 https://t.co/krCFLAqHts

RT @NFL: Oh my. @MelvinGordon25 is just a BEAST. #Chargers #TENvsSD https://t.co/zdVuNusORk

RT @Joey_Cooley: When @Ryanair cancel your flight but promises you a refund, then sends you a voucher then makes it impossible to contact t…

RT @ComplexMusic: a lot can change in 8 years...@BigSean's #DETROIT2 IS HERE

Why do I hate Andy Robertson so much

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