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(Joaquín Guzmán)

I'm a man of strange moods,wit very few inconsistencies and a symbol of hope for the inevitable future Inshaa Allah.

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RT @mista_abdul: Jega really did a nyc job there

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RT @munirwaziri: Friday Greetings from HRH. #Kaduna100 #BackToBack In Sha Allah https://t.co/kAfeRDOgC8

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RT @jumiatravelNG: Cooking for loved ones. Sharing a meal with friends. A steaming plate of food. So much of our lives, our humanity, rev…

RT @QuranAndHadithh: May ALLAH bless jannah al firdous to the victims of the #tsunami that hit #Indonesia and May ALLAH also give strengt…

RT @Mr_SALS: I’ve changed alot #2009vs2019challenge https://t.co/jCTwoBZnOS

RT @ManCity: Same City, Same Passion!

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