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(Joaquín Guzmán)

I'm a man of strange moods,wit very few inconsistencies and a symbol of hope for the inevitable future Inshaa Allah.

User info updated on Mon, 10 Feb 2020 11:29:16 +0000

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RT @ManCity: Absolute joy!

RT @ManCity: OH IT'S EMPHATICCCCCCC NOW!! @gabrieljesus33!!

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RT @ManCity: CITY SUB | @DeBruyneKev

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RT @ManCity: 48. Eventful start to the second half for @gabrieljesus33 who sees an angled drive stopped by Gomez and then has a headed goal…

RT @ManCity: SECOND-HALF | Final 45 of the season! Let's get it!

RT @ManCity: HALF-TIME | Top first 45 minutes, that! @21LVA and @gabrieljesus33 give us a two-goal advantage at the break at Wembley

RT @ManCity: Super City

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