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Consultant EM & GPwER COTE/Ambulatory Care. Personal account/own views/RT not endorsements (unless specified) etc etc. Horses. Dogs. Sweary when exasperated!

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Deja vu: ongoing prob back in news, or did staffing in health & social care over half term tip hospitals over again? http://t.co/i88Sw9

RT @mattnettle: Queensland Ambulance Service is now changing policy to remove use of hard c-collars for soft collars with identifying label…

@EMcardiac exactly. None at our end: Visas for non-UK skilled EM docs not a problem & afaik SA degrees registrable easily with GMC

RT @susie_dent: One of the best definitions from The Devil's Dictionary - 'Sweater: garment worn by child when its mother is chilly'. Happy…

N Wales Fire & Rescue stopping large animal rescue: budget cuts. I bet NHS will end up paying far more treating ppl injured trying to he

RT @choo_ek: Never been a big fan, but... bravo to Angelina Jolie for sharing her story. On prophylactic salpingo-oophorectomy: http://t.co…

Imitation: the sincerest form of flattery! Whitehaven's scheme accepts less exp trainees than ours, so F2s do look! http://t.co/fjdVWN6kZG

RT @djillk1: Strasser: key issue in rural health is access #ruralmedicine #SRPC2015 http://t.co/O5yuY6zp0d

RT @schoolofsurgery: Nitrofurantoin being used regularly in the elderly despite toxicity and little accumulation in urine. #ECCMID2015 http…

RT @Malcolm_999: #Nepal #UKISAR Last time we met, I was bandaging his leg in Japan, 2011. Dogs are 'force multipliers' for us. http://t.co/…

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