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Assistant Prof of Women’s Studies + Rhetoric. She/her. Never underestimate a Hufflepuff. Tweets are mine mine mine ALL MINE MWAHAHA.

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Here at UMD, grad students, undergrads, workers #FightFor15. @presidentloh, stop #CuttingOurFuture! http://t.co/22GCQ7VYdh

RT @k8simply: How can we justify a minimum wage that leaves a FT employee making less than $15K/year? What exactly is the min wage for then…

RT @CelesteW72: Tell me again about that time in history where oppressed & abused people received justice by asking for it nicely #Balti

RT @ACT_UMD: Loving yourself is revolutionary too! #BaltimoreUprising #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForFreddieGray https://t.co/K61VLMZZrv

RT @mattdpearce: A good, long profile of @deray and @Nettaaaaaaaa, top lights of the current movement, by @jaycaspiankang: http://t.co/h21S…

RT @ShaunKing: MUST read & share. NY Times profile of @Nettaaaaaaaa & @deray "Our demand is simple. Stop killing us." http://t.c

RT @aruehlicke: It's official! #TheMindyProject is headed to Hulu. 26 episodes! http://t.co/YVurOenUP7

RT @Jenny_Trout: Are you as homophobic in real life as your books are? Asking for a friend. #AskELJames

RT @lecagle: As a former @USFGAU member, I am proud to advocate for labor fighting for recognition, living wages and good benefits on this…

Crowd erupts in applause when passing by the First Amendment engraved on the side of the Newseum. We are its protec… https://t.co/FZLvkXvBBE

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