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writing about many different games, often seen drunk doing interviews at LANs.

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@Whitentar @Se7_HaLLy hotest prospect in england and hes 14, and hes considered a pro (through placements) so it would be a huge fuck up.

Arsenal vs Villa, im happy

RT @BBCSporf: Chicharito: 26th August: MK Dons 4-0 Man Utd - subbed off. 22nd April: Real 1-0 Atletico - scores the QF winner. http://t.c…

RT @Footy_WAGs: Kyle Walker let his dog lick his girlfriend out.

@Epsilon_Dinge hope it goes well pal x

RT @fearLessCSGO: I'm just gonna go ahead and say it... May the 4th be with you! @starwars #StarWarsDay

RT @ASUS_ROGUK: A 'free-to-play' game where the first level is paid DLC #BadSharkTankPitches

RT @__arsenalnews_: Mesut Ozil is second only to Lionel Messi with most assists in top 5 European Leagues since 2008. #Genius

RT @Sharkasaurus6: Tescos are selling B03 for £9 on Black Friday where I'm from. Wtf

RT @draulon: I caught up with @gla1ve_csgo at DreamHack Bucharest to discuss @heroicgg and their future plans: #DHB16 #DHOpen https://t.co…

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