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Veteran center Kendrick Perkins will sign with Cavs after buyout with Jazz completed, source tells @royceyoung.

Kendrick Perkins to sign with Cavs after clearing waivers Monday, agent says -- and LeBron James reacts. http://t.co/hiM6R7OZ0r

Warriors' Steve Kerr is coming dangerously close to getting tossed. His jacket is off, so maybe he's preparing for it. #cavs #warriors

Speaking of Kerr, ICYMI: We played 3-on-3 once. He was my teammate. We lost. Yes, blame me. Story: http://t.co/LnrfsEuYHg

Cavs 110, Warriors 99. Make it 18 wins in last 20 for Cavs. Make it LeBron with season-high 42. Make it Cavs on another level right now.

Kyrie Irving (shoulder) will not travel to Indiana for Friday's game. Doubtful vs Pacers.

Cavs not yet sure of severity of Kyrie's shoulder, as MRI scheduled for Friday at Cleveland Clinic. He did play, however, after the injury.

To clarify, NBA teams travel at night after games. Kyrie merely not traveling with Cavs TONIGHT. If cleared, he could fly to Indy on Friday.

LeBron challenged by the coaches and delivers, and Steph Curry on the MVP talk now. Cavs-Warriors dribbles. http://t.co/b7qRUuianq

Since trade to Hornets (5 games), Mo Williams averaging 23.4 pts and 7.0 ast. Hornets tied with Pacers and Nets for No. 8 in East.

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