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I madke movies.

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Whether W. needed to be or wanted to be in Selma, he was there. I believe his presence is worthy of respect.

Jean Claude Killy van Damme #SofterActionHeroes @midnight

Coach Dean Smith in his will left money with an invitation to enjoy a dinner on him to every letterman who played under him. #mensch

Clifford Joseph Howard Jr. aka T. I. is maybe best part of Get Hard movie

Hannibal Lecture #CollegeMovies @midnight

Debbie Does Calculus #CollegeMovies @midnight

Peanut Butter & Pearl Jam #Bandwiches @midnight

Muffalorettalynn #Bandwiches @midnight

The Curious Case of Benjamin Blart #AddBlartImproveAMovie @midnight

Realizing that our whole solar system could be like on tiny atom in the fingernail of some other giant being. #420Regrets @midnight

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