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I madke movies.

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Cialis Commercial Audition Bloopers @midnight #BoringRealityShows

Weekend at Bernie Maidoff @midnight #SummerACeleb

Nerd Flu @midnight #ComicConAilments

If you repeat "Brooklyn" three times fast before bed you will wake up with a full beard. #FakeHipsterFacts

Fixie bicycles are fun to ride up hills. #FakeHipsterFacts

Omar Sharif, Kenny Stabler and #ConfederateFlag #3s

Are you wearing a wire? @midnight #BadWeddingVows

"Ashley Madison time" has a whole new meaning especially to jewelers and divorce attorneys.

Star player burned through all his money @midnight #NewFootballPenalties

Kim Davis is thrice divorced yet refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. Wtf??

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