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I madke movies.

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There is no emoji for "illegal immigrant." #SNL

What is something opposition research has yet to reveal about you? #BetterDebateQuestions @midnight

Eh-quaman @midnight #CanadianSuperheroes

RT @McMannofthepeop: Oh, The Places You'll Go #2 #CrapperBooks @midnight

Clown car + train wreck = #GOPDebate

What is the name of that painting anyway? "Ben Carson Jai White and Jesus Christ Superstar"

Skidmarks on the Edge of Town @midnight #UnderwearSongs

RT @HarryConnickJR: Allen Toussaint has died... rest in peace, good friend... #legend

Allen Toussaint. New Orleans Musical Royalty. #RIP. This man could fill his own jukebox with his own hits.

Brilliance. Cubed. Thanks @theharryshearer. Thanks David Simon. Thanks and #RIP Allen Toussaint. https://t.co/22fvZjEhXD

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