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I madke movies.

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#mtaylor guy needs an app for flop sweat prevention #SharkTank

RT @PamelaBwell: "[I'll be gone] until nostalgia has smothered my fury." ~ Lady Violet to Isobel, on her pending departure from #DowntonAb…

Sometimes I'd like to be gone until nostalgia smothers my fury just like my bae Lady Violet on #DowntonAbbey

I'm rubber you're glue @midnight #MyFamilyIn4Words

Touched by Charlie's Angels #IconicTVMashup

60 Minutes Million Dollar Man #IconicTVMashup

Star Trek Search #IconicTVMashup

Choosy Mothers Choose Tariff. #AddTariffsRuinAQuote

Without having to write a note or buy a stamp, it's a convenient way to tell @realDonaldTrump to F.O. #ExplainTwitterToA4YearOld

#GotFiredBecause this apprentice ain't no antisemetic racist blowhard asskisser @midnight

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