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I madke movies.

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Davey and Goliath Susperstars Dance Fever The Brady Bunch M*A*S*H Facts of Life SNL #7FavTVShows

Accepting your invitation #mypartytrick

Detoiletpapering Day #NerdHolidays @midnight

Please leave a message, beeeep. @midnight #90sIn5Words

.@HillaryClinton if #Trump brings up impeachment please remind him: @newtgingrich & Henry Hyde were having their own affairs #Debates201

#MatchGame is funny but dees contestants is dodos

German Shepard Smith @midnight #DogCelebs

Funny stuff. Great show! #CrashingHBO @JuddApatow

"Where's my African American?" @RealBenCarson with #Trump today

Hey @realDonaldTrump I'll give you some beads if you show me your taxes. #happymardigras

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