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I madke movies.

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The Florida Project was one of my favorite movies of the year. #OscarNominations #snub

I Saw the Light, What? Am I Being Followed? #StressOutASong

Difficult Delivery on The Bayou #StressOutASong

Acid Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head #StressOutASong

Does anyone else notice there is no snow in #Pyeonchang2018 at the #OlympicGames besides on the runs?

.@dreamhampton so much was said today about #ArethaFranklinRIP but I think you said it best to @AriMelber

“this is why Hillary lost...” is that Republican code for Russian Interference and collusion?

I’m more certain that @jaredkushner shouldn’t have security clearance than #Trump is of any Middle Easterners in that Caravan

If you listened closely @AnnCoulter also wants to be rid of @realDonaldTrump #RealTime

Did Trump’s fingers get smaller? HDTV #SOTU2019

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