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RT @TheEllenShow: Congratulations Graham Moore. That speech was so beautiful. You should think about being a writer. #Oscars2015

RT @Flyin18T: Bianchi passes away: The family of Jules Bianchi has announced that the Frenchman has died from injuries susta... http://t.co…

Think this game knows I'm Welsh! #catan #tabletop @tabletop @settlersofcatan http://t.co/l0TfrpMGCj

RT @DavidHasselhoff: 15 minutes until the sharks start attacking the UK! @SharknadoSyfy #Sharknado3

Heheheheheh oh dear there goes @iamchrisjudge saw that coming #Sharknado3 @SyfyUK

RT @SyfyUK: Sharknado alert! Can @bobbyllew handle this one as well as Fin? #Sharknado3 https://t.co/ogiR3skB3W

RT @4Viewers: @emmajg Only one left! C4 Sunday 2nd August 9pm #Humans enjoy enjoy enjoy

RT @gamesyouloved: Time........ #StraightOutta #BTTF http://t.co/aU9qZS19mf

RT @AcousticJourney: ♫ Today: Banbury, United Kingdom - Aug 29 at Ye Olde Reine Deer Inn http://t.co/mYOzuVJKnl

RT @RenshawBaking: Got the Bake Off itch? Get 25% off everything online from now until Sunday! Happy #Baking #GBBO http://t.co/B3EKYUq8M0

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