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RT @DailyRapFacts: Who are you voting for in 2016? RT for Waka Flocka FAV for Hillary Clinton http://t.co/56BNMnVHXp

RT @GabbyStella123: Miley Cyrus just had everyone scream marijuana iconic #VMAs

if I stay is one of my favorite movies

RT @WWF: Pangolins are the world’s only truly scaly mammals #WorldPangolinDay https://t.co/0YRRl8ZYGM https://t.co/uuMpjnQCXL

RT @childshgambryno: #ImUglyBut my nudes ain't;)

RT @Headlines4Hope: .@peta “Superhero” Who Saved Thousands of Animals Wins Biggest Victory Yet https://t.co/9IL2EpuVSW #mondaymotivation ht…

RT @peta: It's #NationalMacAndCheeseDay! These kids are allergic to dairy but finally get to try mac & cheese ❤️ #vegan https://t.co/h6w

RT @AvaLoeh: #ReasonsToGoVegan because treating animals 'nicely' before you slaughter them doesn't cut it

RT @symphonicvibe: #PostYourselfAsAGif https://t.co/07VXPkqzJy

RT @LOHANTHONY: i totally forgot about Michael Jackson's birthday yesterday. who am i anymore?

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