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TechWomen is a program of @ECAatState & administered by @IIEglobal, empowering women leaders in #STEM from Africa, Central and South Asia, and the Middle East.

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VIDEO: African TechWomen Meet Silicon Valley https://t.co/FBnmoGCrKg #ssa #africa #siliconvalley #womeninSTEM #technology

Remembering our delegation to South Africa on #FreedomDay. We're humbled we could experience the culture of the nation first-hand. #twsa

Thank you, Zim! Happy #WomensMonth to our TechWomen community in South Africa and across the globe. https://t.co/CrdDVLSXn1

RT @ECA_AS: Exchange programs empower women and girls to create better societies. http://t.co/Zr0JIc9vN5 #WomensEqualityDay http://t.co/e5a…

#ELofTheDay Meet Yemurayi, a #softwaredeveloper from #Zimbabwe http://t.co/XZsuffqwa5 http://t.co/4xCFh26NP3

Excited to have @MitchellBaker of @Mozilla keynote the #techwomen15 kickoff http://t.co/M3aDbcUQHD

RT @rinajensen: Watching @MitchellBaker at #techwomen15 - inspiring and visionary http://t.co/2HQEOrJIhg

Shout out to @mozilla for partnering with TechWomen since the beginning of the program in 2011. @MitchellBaker @anarsimpson #techwomen15

RT @JillWetzler: Tunisian @TechWomen #TechWomen15 http://t.co/OFBNbEnbjb

RT @AnarSimpson: South African @TechWomen making an entrance at the kickoff event #TechWomen15 https://t.co/cz2RgRp05z

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