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#GameofThrones sucks this season. That fight scene was about as entertaining as the #MaywatherPacquiao fight last night. #hugs

#GameofThrones tonight http://t.co/jsNjbiH7lc

RT @mindykaling: I NEVER want to know what happened to Glenn or Jon Snow. I like this purgatory feeling. I'm interesting.

Jesus was the ultimate undercover boss #AshWednesday

I can recommend #GirlBoss because of its accurate portrayal of how The OC affected us all in 2006. https://t.co/9VXDLmlzty

RT @tim_cook: Thank you to Academy Award winner and fellow @AuburnU alum @OctaviaSpencer for helping us launch Apple TV+, a new home for th…

#TheLastWatch had a better ending than #GameofThrones. I also cried more.

@emerald1910 Hi Edmund! This picture of my niece brought a smile to my face today, hope it will do the same for you! https://t.co/CkouH4wmEb

@DollyParton Thank you Dolly!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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